Swedish Massage

Length: 60, 90, 120 minutes
Recommended for:  Everyone!

Swedish massage is given on a padded, professional table using organic oils, lotions and essential oils (aromatherapy). According to your preference, the pressure ranges from light to medium-firm. I use long strokes, kneading and gentle rocking to dissolve muscle tension, increase circulation, deepen your breath and soften your skin. Draping with towel or sheet is practiced.

Deep Tissue and Sports Therapy

Therapy Treatments Length: 60, 90, 120 minutes
Recommended for:  Athletes, parents, post surgery patients, folks with injuries or those who have chronic stress and fatigue.

Deep tissue and sports therapy both target areas of tension and pain by applying pressure on a deeper muscular level.  Sports therapy treatments often include stretching and joint mobilization techniques.

I am experienced in working with: scoliosis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, post-knee and shoulder surgery recovery, “frozen” neck, piriformis/sciatica pain, nerve damage, and psoas pain and numbness.  I work with trigger points that  have been clinically shown to release contracted muscles; this is often referred to as Myofascial release.  Gliding, kneading and rocking techniques are included to flush lactic acid and other stagnant body fluids out of your muscles. This massage is strategic and corrective, yet deeply enjoyable.

Thai Massage 

Length: 60, 90, 120 minutes

Recommended for:   Tight bodies, athletes, dancers, yogis, older clients, and those who are interested in increasing their flexibility!

Traditional Thai massage is nicknamed “yoga for lazy people”, a comical description for this restful, full-body stretching experience.  After a Thai massage, my clients most often comment that they feel “energized”, “open”, and carry “a vibrant and satisfying feeling” that often follows a full-body work out.

Unlike more passive types of bodywork, Thai massage involves gently moving the body through a series of stretches that are similar to yoga poses. My thai massage sessions have a slower rhythm than traditional thai massage. Stretches are held longer to make space for deep breathing and lengthening. Elongated muscles are kneaded or palm-pressed to bring greater circulation and chase away pain. Thai massage is given on a memory foam pad on the floor to allow for full movement possibilities. The recipient wears loose fitting clothes (like gym clothes). Lotion is only used on the feet, hands and neck near the end of the session (otherwise my clients would slip from my fingers!)

Private and Group Yoga Lessons

Length: 60, 90, 120 minutes

Recommended for:  Everyone who wants to befriend their body.

Many people feel yoga is out of their reach. The thought of going to a yoga class can be nerve-wracking, since their is so much to learn – and yet you are suppose to be relaxing!. These private sessions are designed to give you confidence by teaching you proper breathing techniques, movements/poses, and the language of yoga. Yoga training can be organized for groups or individuals. Location is flexible, whether in your office, home or my space – and if the weather is good I  can suggest a beautiful outdoor setting.

My yoga education spans 20 years of practice and includes intensive studies of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga styles. I received my teacher training at Flying Yoga Shala Oakland, Ca.

**If you are organizing a group please inquire about a group rate.

Massage for Couples

Length: 60, 90, 120 minutes
Recommended for:   Learn the art of touch.

Imagine a session where your partner gives you a relaxing and renewing massage with the guidance of an experienced massage practitioner.  Then, if you choose, you become the giver, while guided through an easy-to-use mini massage education. These sessions give you a lesson in touch, anatomy and communication. In addition, each partner experiences a four-handed massage. I recommend a two-hour session so each partner can experience an hour receiving. Swedish massage is the foundation of these sessions, but you are welcome to request guidance in any of the other styles I offer. These sessions are great for special occasions and gifts!